May 20, 2022

Imaginile care au revoltat peste 1 miliard de oameni. “Aceasta societate este grav bolnava”. Intreaga China este in stare de soc, dupa ce televiziunile si site-urile de internet au difuzat o filmare realmente cutremuratoare, realizata de o camera de supraveghere dintr-un oras din sudul tarii. Mai bine de zece oameni au ignorat pur si simplu o fetita de 2 ani, care zacea in stare critica pe strada, dupa ce fusese calcata de doua masini. Copila, pe nume Yue Yue, a fost mai intai lovita de o duba, iar apoi de un camion, in fata magazinului pe care il au parintii ei in orasul Foshan. Singurul care i-a venit in ajutor a fost un gunoier, care a mutat-o de pe strada si a strigat dupa ajutor. Revoltator este ca nici macar ceilalti proprietari de magazine nu au intervenit. Intr-un final, mama fetei a aflat de tragedie si a dus-o pe copila la spital. “Aceasta societate este grav bolnava”, a spus un chinez, in timp ce alti conationali pun lipsa de reactie a martorilor pe seama unui alt caz, in care un barbat a fost pus sub acuzare, dupa ce a sarit sa ajute o femeie in varsta care a cazut. Se pare ca acesta a incalcat o regula guvernamentala privind interventia in caz de accident si a fost obligat sa plateasca o parte din costurile spitalizarii. Yue Yue a fost dusa la spital in coma si a fost operata de urgenta, insa medicii spun ca nu prezinta activitate cerebrala si sansele de supravietuire sunt practic nule. Ambii soferi care au trecut peste corpul fetei au fost arestati.

Images that have revolted over 1 billion people. “This society is seriously sick.”
The whole China is in shock after television and Internet sites have released a really disturbing film, made ​​by a camera from a city in the south.
More than ten people have ignored a girl just two years, lying critically ill in the street after being stepped on by two cars.
Girl named Yue Yue, was first hit by a van and then a truck in front of the store that you have her parents in Foshan city. The only help that came in was a garbage collector, who moved it on the street and shouted for help. Outrageous is that even other store owners did not intervene. Finally, her mother learned of the tragedy and the child took her to the hospital.
“This society is seriously sick,” said a Chinese compatriots while other witnesses put the lack of response on behalf of another case where a man was indicted after he rushed to help an elderly woman that fell. It seems that this government has violated a rule on intervention in case of accident and was forced to pay a portion of hospital costs.
Yue Yue was taken to hospital in a coma and was emergency surgery, but doctors say they do not have brain activity and chances of survival are practically nil.
Both drivers have passed over the body of the girl were arrested.

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