December 4, 2021

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Danut D. a.k.a DJ/MC Danniell was born in Romania in hometown Craiova. He started being fascinated about music since he was 14 years old. At the begining, he started learning the basics of Dj-ing on a simple PC at home. In the summer 2006 he began his debut as a DJ/MC at Club SUMMER MOON (Craiova) 3 years every summer, after this in autumn 2009 going in Arena CLUB (Caransebes) w. Alexandru Popovici and after this was in Club LeBaron (Reºiþa) w. Dj Funk & Dj Russu, Club DejaVu (Resita) w. Dj Sonix & Dj July. In summer 2010 was in Germany in Disco BLIX (Dietzenbach – Germany), Club SKY (Frankfurt – Germany) and autumn in Club Babylon (Caransebes) & Club Hypnotic (Resita) w. Gabriel P. Now lives in Resita and is guest in Club LeBaron (Resita). In the future he wants as many events and toward a music production.

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