October 21, 2020

Toata lumea are vise. Unii dintre noi visam sa conducem supermasini, cum ar fi Bugatti Veyron. Acum, datorită unui fabricant de pe eBay, visul de a deţine un Bugatti Veyron se poate transforma in realitate, bine, aproape! Disponibil pe eBay, acest kit din fibra de sticla iti transforma Honda Civic într-un Veyron. Acum, nu va asteptati ca Honda-ul vechi sa ridice fustele si sa alerge pe asfalt precum o face Veyron. Inima si partea interioara a masinii raman aceleasi.

Kitul de 4500$, vine cu un total de 8 piese din fibra de sticla, iti va transforma Civic-ul de 1600$ intr-o masina de 1.600.000$. De asemenea, setul functioneaza doar pe Civic Coupe fabricate între 1992 şi 1995.

Everyone has dreams. Some of us dream of driving supercars like the Bugatti Veyron. Now, thanks to an innovative fabricator on eBay, your dream of owning a Bugatti Veyron can turn real, well, almost! Available on eBay, this fiberglass kit turns your Honda Civic coupe into a Veyron lookalike. Now, don’t expect your old Honda to pick up its skirts and run around the asphalt the way a Veyron does it. The heart and the insides of your car remain the same.
The $4,500 kit gives your $1,600 Civic a get up of a $1.6 million supercar and comes with a total of 8 fiberglass pieces. Also, the kit works only on two-door Civics manufactured between 1992 and 1995.

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