September 25, 2023

– Ai vrea sa-mi iei un interviu,deci…zise Dumnezeu. – Daca ai timp, i-am raspuns. Dumnezeu a zambit. – Timpul meu este eternitatea… Ce intrebari ai vrea sa-mi pui? – Ce te surprinde cel mai mult la oameni Dumnezeu mi-a raspuns: – Faptul ca se plictisesc de copilarie, se grabesc sa creasca…iar apoi tanjesc iar sa fie copii; ca isi pierd sanatatea pentru a face bani, iar apoi banii pentru a-si recapata sanatatea. Faptul ca se gandesc cu teama la viitor si uita prezentul iar astfel nu traiesc nici prezentul nici viitorul; ca traiesc ca si cum nu ar murii nici o data si mor ca si cum nu ar fi trait. Dumnezeu mi-a luat mana si am stat tacuti un timp. Apoi am intrebat: – Ca parinte, care ar fi cateva dintre lectiile de viata pe care ai dori sa le invete copiii tai? – Sa invete ca dureaza doar cateva secunde sa deschida rani profunde in inima celor pe care ii iubesc… si ca dureaza mai multi ani pentru ca acestea sa se vindece; sa invete ca un om bogat nu este acela care are cel mai mult, ci acela care are nevoie de cel mai putin; sa invete ca sunt oameni care ii iubesc dar pur si simplu inca nu stiu sa-si exprime sentimentele; sa invete ca doi oameni se pot uita la acelasi lucru si ca pot sa-l vada in mod diferit; sa invete ca nu este suficient sa-i ierte pe ceilalti si ca, de asemenea, trebuie sa se ierte ei insisi. – Multumesc pentru timpul acordat… am zis umil. Ar mai fi ceva ce ai dori ca oamenii sa stie? Dumnezeu m-a privit zambit si a spus: – Doar faptul ca sunt aici, intotdeauna.

(Interviu cu Dumnezeu de Octavian Paler)

Interview with God

– You want to get me an interview, so … God said.
– If you have time, I answered. God smiled.
– My time is eternity … What questions?
– What surprises you most about people
God answered:
– That is bored with childhood, they rush to grow … and then yearn to be children;
that lose their health to make money, then money to regain health.
Think with fear of the future and forget the present, so neither this nor in the future do not live;
that live like never die and die like never lived.
God took my hand and stayed silent for a while.
Then I asked:
– As a parent, what would be some of the lessons of life that you would like to teach your children?
– To learn that it only takes a few seconds to open profound wounds in the hearts of those you love …
and it takes several years for them to heal, to learn that a rich man is not
which has the most, but one who needs the least, to learn that there are people who love them
but simply do not know to express feelings, to learn that two people can look the same
thing and that can see it differently, to learn that is not enough to forgive others and that also
must forgive themselves.
– Thanks for your time … I said humbly. It would be something you want people to know?
God smiled and looked at me said:
– Only that i am here, always.

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