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June 25, 2019

Again, we get pelted with another self-aware celeb ad on Super Bowl 2015. This time Lindsay Lohan, who’s notorious for getting behind the wheel in slightly less than sober states of mind, is representing a car insurance company. Our guess is that it’s probably the best paycheck she’s gotten in years


2015 Chevy Super Bowl Commercial: 4G LTE Wi-Fi – 2015 Colorado


Official Coca-Cola “Big Game” Commercial 2015  #MakeItHappy


BMW i3 – “Newfangled Idea”

BMW reminds us once again that technology is always racing ahead, and it will always befuddle us – but especially Brant Gumbel and Katie Couric in this Super Bowl 2015 commercial.


Forced to Party

Given the fact that this is actually what it feels like when you ingest massive amounts of sugar and caffeine, shouldn’t this commercial terrify us? They’ve lost any and all control of their bodies. Doing the Dew is starting to look like doing hardcore drugs.


Game of War – 2015 Super Bowl Commercial “Who I Am” ft. Kate Upton


History Rewritten – TurboTax Big Game Commercial & TV Ad


Make Safe Happen – Nationwide Super Bowl 2015 Commercial


GoDaddy Puppy Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Ads


There’s certainly an art to the perfect Super Bowl 2015 ad. If executed properly, we’ll be talking about a commercial for years to come. A great spot can reinvent a brand or introduce us to a product that that we don’t know or may have soured on.

Winning ads can tap into key emotions, triggering a laugh or cry all at once. They can be alluring. They may make us angry. It’s a tough task and certainly easier said than done.

With the Wall Street Journal reporting that a the pricetag for a 30-second spot on this year’s telecast Super Bowl 2015, will cost $4.5 million dollars, the stakes for some companies whose coffers aren’t Grand Canyon deep are higher than ever.

And because advertisers need to connect with a wider audience more than ever before, they “leak” online earlier and earlier. Positive word of mouth on the social media landscape isn’t only preferred but pivotal.

So now that the last point has been scored and those pools have been won, let’s check out the commercials from Super Bowl 2015 that were the best, worst and those head-scratchers you’ll be talking about Monday morning at the water cooler. And by water cooler, we mean Twitter and Facebook.


Source: pressroomvip.com, nj.com / Super Bowl 2015


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