December 3, 2021

S-a varsat sarea – o sa te certi

S-a varsat zaharul – o sa te impaci

S-a varsat cocaina – o sa ai halucinatii si vedenii fantasmagorice

Vi se zbate ochiul – vrea sa scape

V-a cazut sapunul – se va intampla ceva neasteptat

Randunelele zboara foarte jos – va fi ploaie

Vacutele zboara foarte jos – s-a varsat cocaina

A plesnit oglinda – O sa vi se intample ceva rau

A plesnit elasticul de la chiloti – o sa vi se intample o rusine mare sau o rusine mica

A plesnit prezervativul – mai bine plesnea oglinda

A trecut pisica neagra prin fata – asteptati sa va plesneasca prezervativul, dorindu-va ca mai bine sa fi plesnit oglinda

A cazut o stea – pana si stelele se impiedica, puneti o dorinta

Va mananca palma stanga – o sa primiti bani, si o sa va manance nasul

Va mananca palma dreapta – vedeti un dermatolog, aveti raie

Va mananca nasul – veti da chef, daca v-a mancat palma stanga

Va mananca fundul – o sa vi se intample o aventura

Va mananca organul sexual – veti cauta doctorul

Nu vi s-a deschis parasuta – v-a mancat in fund, mai ales ca v-a crapat si oglinda

Va intalniti cu cosarul – ati baut la crasma pana la 3 dimineata

Va intalniti cu o gravida – te bucuri ca nu ti-a plesnit prezervativul

Bizarre scientific evidence and their interpretation

It has spilled salt – will argue

It has spilled sugar – one to reconcile

To shed cocaine – you’ll phantasmagoric hallucinations and visions

You are struggling eye – wants to escape

You fell soap – something unexpected happens

Swallows fly very low – it will rain

cows fly very low – has spilled cocaine

A cracked mirror – A bad thing happen to you

He snapped the elastic pants – one you happen to great shame and a disgrace small

A burst condom – better slapping mirror

It’s been a black cat in front of – wait to burst the condom, wishing you the best to be cracked mirror

A fallen star – even the stars stop, MAKE A WISH

Eat your left hand – one to receive money, and I’ll eat your nose

You eat right palm – see a dermatologist, you mange

Eat your nose – so you feel if you ate the left hand

Eat your ass – you are going to happen on an adventure

Eat your sexual organ – your doctor will look

Do not you opened parachute – will eat your ass, especially since you cracked and mirror

Meet with chimney sweep – you drink the pub until 3 am

Meet with a pregnant woman – you do not enjoy a burst condom
(translation was made ​​by Google Translate)

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  • December 17, 2011

    ce kkt ati tradus voi cu goolge translate ca sa dat draku

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