Super Bowl 2015

Exista cu siguranta o arta in a creea articolul perfect pentru Super Bowl. Daca este executata corespunzator vom vorbi despre reclama respectiva multi ani de acum inainte.

Un spot bun poate reinventa un brand sau ne poate prezenta un produs pe care nu-l stiam sau de care ne-am “acrit” .

Reclamele castigatoare pot atinge emotii cheie, declansand rasete  sau plansete in acelasi timp. Ele pot fi ademenitoare. Ne pot face nervosi.

Este o sarcina grea si cu siguranta  e mai usor de zis decat de facut.

puppy budweiser Super Bowl 2015

Conform Wall Street Journal pretul pentru un spot de 30 de sec. , difuzat in acest an intr-o emisiune de TV Super Bowl 2015, va costa 4,5 mil de dolari, mizele pentru unele companii, ale caror cufere nu sunt la fel de adanci ca Grand Canyon, sunt mai mari decat oricand.

Si datorita faptului ca agentii de publicitate trebuie sa aiba un public mai larg, mai mult decat oricand, acestia divulga informatii online din ce in ce mai des, referitoare la reclamele ce vor fi difuzate in timpul Super Bowl 2015.

Acum ca am vazut care sunt mizele , costurile si target-urile pentru reclamele Super Bowl 2015, hai sa urmarim impreuna cele mai bune spoturi de anul acesta:

2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog”


Super Bowl 2015 Selfie-Aware Kim K.

Kim Kardashian shows off that she’s actually a very self-aware person and realizes what her place in pop culture with this PSA-style ad for T-Mobile. Kudos, Kim, for doing something funny.


Who’s Your Turtle? Super Bowl 2015: Mercedes-Benz Fable Ad

Mercedes offered this cute, yet slightly predictable spin on the old ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ fable. Looks like that tortoise had some pretty hefty stocks in his portfolio since he grabbed that whip straight from the factory.


Minions Official Super Bowl TV Spot (2015)

The Minions may be the simplest, most brilliant animated creatures ever invented. Why shouldn’t they have their own Super Bowl 2015 commercial?


TMobile Super Bowl Commercial 2015 Ads | Data Vulture | T-Mobile Commercial Kim Kardashian

If you watched the first 30 minutes of the game, you saw this vulture themed T-Mobile commercial way too many times. If you think it’s ok to bring your pet bird to work now, please don’t.


Carl’s Jr. Charlotte McKinney All-Natural “Too Hot For TV”


Just Keep on Screaming

What do Britney Spears, Don Cheadle, and the penguins from Madagascar have in common?


SNICKERS® – “The Brady Bunch” Danny Trejo


Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler for Wi-Fi Calling

Comediennes Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler have homes bigger and better than yours. Do you have a hydroponic kale garden, or an in-house delivery room? Thought not. T-Mobile is nailing it this year on Super Bowl 2015.


Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2015: Braylon O’Neill

Because I mentioned above the key emotions


Lindsay Lohan Esurance Super Bowl Commercial 2015 Ads

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